Thursday, October 11, 2007

Excuse me...

while I finish choking after reading Gord's latest missive from upon high.

I'm a partisan with the best of them. No secret here. In this particular election I supported and worked for Kristine Robinson. I designed and ran her website, amongst other things. There were no illusions as to the ultimate result, but reading Gord's column on a day like today tends to bring the bile to the fore.

Follow his logic and explain to me why the area continues to elect federal NDP members of Parliament. If voting locally is all about bringing home the pork, as Gord so eloquently describes, why are we represented by Joe Comartin and Brian Masse? (with the usual endorsement of Gord and company at the Windsor Star and AM800).

Sandra Pupatello I have a lot of respect for, Dwight Duncan would sell your Grandmother for political gain. Listening to Dwight's victory speech - "it's a tribute to the honesty and integrity of Dalton McGuinty" ? There's a difference between party loyalty and utter bullshit.

How many of you have a spare $1000.00 dollars for a round of golf with Energy Minister Duncan or another $1700.00 for dinner with Premier Dalton McGuinty ? Spanky always comes up smelling like roses, but personally, if I ever had a problem to deal with, my first phone call would be Sandra.

Opinions, they say, are like another body part, we all have one.

That's just mine for today.

Edit: I forgot to include in this post my congratulations to all the other candidates in Windsor-Tecumseh. Running in "foregone conclusion" ridings is a thankless task. Kristine increased the vote by over 5% from the previous election (almost 8% if you include the FCP vote). Andrew McAvoy also ran an excellent campaign for a political newcomer. I look forward to seeing him again in the 2011 race. Listening to AM800's coverage, you'd have thought that the NDP did well in Windsor-Tecumseh, despite losing over 5% of the popular vote from the previous election. Credit where credit is due.

/rant off

41% turnout ? - we should all hang our heads in shame.