Saturday, September 30, 2006

Update - Mayor's Race and Council Candidates

Mayor's Race

Mohamed Chams
4599 Hunt Club Crescent N9G 2P7
(519) 250-4055

Eddie Francis
993 Bellagio Drive

David Wonham
2055 Vimy Avenue N8W 1P2
(519) 255-0707

Ward 2 - New Candidate

Chris Richie

544 Oak Avenue N9A 5E6
(519) 253-5677

Letter to the Editor - Tony Blak

I read with interest today in the paper that the profits at Casino Windsor are expected to dramatically drop. The story is indeed news but unbalanced. In the story the Star quoted two councillors on the problem. Since we are going to the polls for the municipal election on November 13th, I feel the Star is not being fair, to the democratic process.

If indeed you want to get a quote from a councillor but do not want to get one from one of the people that is challenging that councillor, the councillor should go unnamed. It could be attributed to simply as a "member of council", and if more that one quote "another present member of council".

Alternatively you could give both sides of a debate the opportunity to express their thoughts. I noticed this not only in the story of the casino, but in the coverage of the bus terminal. Do not the readers of the Star deserve to read the whole story?

Anthony (Tony) Blak

Candidate for Ward 3

2461 Lincoln Road

Windsor, On

N8W 2R6



Thursday, September 28, 2006

Update - Council Candidates

Ward 2 - New Candidate

Dan Petoran
183 Oak Street
N9A 5E5
(519) 254-5135

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Postma Re-election letter

Scan of a fax that was forwarded to me.

(Click on image for full size)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update - Council Candidates, Mayor

New Candidate - Mayor

Mohamad-Ali Beydoun
1951 Buckingham Drive
N8T 2A9

New Candidate Ward 1

Ed Kobrosly
2534 Dougall Avenue
N8X 1T6
(519) 972-611

New Candidate Ward 2

Gail Growe
742 Victoria Avenue
N9A 4N2
(519) 254-0639

Update - Council Candidates

Chris Schnurr has joined fellow blogging candidate and incumbent Councillor Alan Halberstadt by launching a blog of his own. That's two blogs for council candidates so far. Hopefully this campaign will see many more. Ward 2 and 3 candidates have some catching up to do.

New Candidate - Ward 5

Bill Kachmaryk
#41-211 Buckingham N8S 2C5
(519) 254-4195

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Update - Council Candidates

I've received word that Monday will see the addition of one, possibly two more candidates in the race for Ward 2. If what I'm being told can be believed, the Ward 2 incumbents previously thought to be unbeatable are going to be in a real race to Election Day.

Once again, this can only be a good thing for Windsor.

Keep an eye on the Ward 2 registration page Monday.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Update - Council Candidates

New candidate for Ward 5:

Frank Batal
805 Glidden
N8S 1M9
(519) 948-4021

Greg Baggio - Ward 1 has a new web address -,
emails: or

I've updated the sidebar links to reflect the new page.

Looking for contributors

I'm still looking for anyone who is interested in contributing to this blog. It's not necessary to be a regular contributor. Whatever time you feel you can spare. Are you planning on attending some or all of the various all-candidate events? Do you attend council or board meetings? These are just a couple of items that people could help other readers by submitting reports.

If you're interested, email

Windsor & District Chamber of Commerce Poll

The Windsor & District Chamber of Commerce is conducting an online poll to survey the city's business owners on their top issues. The poll results will be used to craft a survey that will be sent out to each City Council candidate on behalf of the business community.

The picture represents the results so far, as of 4:50 am this morning.

Arena issue drawing interest

Thanks to a blog post about Windsor's never-ending arena story, the issue seems to be picking up steam. In a post titled - Wonham Might Run, Alan Halberstadt let people in on some details, as he knew them, regarding the secretive 'east-end' arena proposal.

That blog has now generated a response from one of the proponents.

That blog post and subsequent comment have revealed more than any elected official regarding this deal in all the months it's been talked about.

As far as I'm concerned, that's a very good thing for taxpayers.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mayor's Race

Looks like there may be a Mayor's race in Windsor after all. Alan Halberstadt posted about the possibility of Dr. David Wonham running if the Icetrack arena proposal is delayed beyond next week. There are rumours of another candidate mulling over a possible run, but nothing that can be confirmed as yet.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Update - Council Candidates

New registration for Ward 1:

Henry LAU
2896 Langlois Court
(519) 817-8761

No website found as yet.

Commentary - Tony Blak, Candidate for Council Ward 3

It would be nice to see a discussion about the new bus terminal for greyhound. The city is putting up front $5.2 million to build a new bus terminal, that originally was scheduled to cost only $6.0 with the city's portion being $2.0 mil.

Greyhound does not put in one cent of hard cash into the deal. Instead they give the city the present terminal for $800,000.00, with no private building in Windsor except for the Royal Bank, the city will be holding this property for a long time to come.

The next part of the contribution from Greyhound will be based on ticket sales. As more and more tickets are being sold on-line and at kiosks, the city is bound to lose money on this part.

The final part is for Greyhound to pay rent but the city will be losing out on the tax revenue they get from the present bus terminal, no gain for the city.

And in the end the city who puts in the most money 60% more than Greyhound, will pay to maintain the building, and pay employees to sell tickets will only own 50%. If this is how the city does private public ownership, I can't wait to see what kind of deal we can get with the arena!!

A very bad deal.

Also the Schwatz report which the city endorsed called for a transportation hub, that would combine bus, rail and air. The city paid all that money for a report and go their own way, the wrong way.

With Via Rail looking to change the location of it's terminal it would have been better to sit down with Via Rail and Greyhound to come up with a location best suited to all. My opinion would to have it on Lauzon Parkway at the north east corner of the air port, and perhaps move the air port terminal there as well. But this location is only one to be considered.

And the major question is why does Transit Windsor need a terminal, has a study been done that asks the users if they need one. In my experience of riding the buses in Windsor very rarely do I catch a bus at the terminal, all my transfers are at a street bus stop. What Transit Windsor really needs is more buses, more frequently and on time, that would ensure greater ridership.

This council's misguided in their tax and spend mentality. With Ford Motor reducing it's Windsor labour force by 50% permanently, we should be looking for ways to reduce spending not increase it. Does anyone remember the early eighties in Windsor, when the bankers ended up with a lot keys on their desks from residents who gave up?

Anthony (Tony) Blak

2461 Lincoln Road

Windsor, On

Day 519-971-8295

Evenings 519-254-8202

Candidate Councillor Ward 3

Press Release - Tony Blak, Candidate for Council, Ward 3

Press Release


9 A.M. EDT, September 1, 2006

Anthony (Tony) BLAK Joins the race for councillor in Ward 3

Windsor, ON, September 1, 2006: Tony Blak returns to the municipal election scene. Coming in 3rd in 2003 with respectable 4,018 votes, he takes on decade serving councillors Fulvio Valentinis and Alan Halberstadt.

With much debate in 2003 not one international truck has been removed from city streets, Windsor is also plagued with the continuing debate of an arena. He was the only candidate to make an issue of an underpass at Walker Road, work is on going …but at a snails pace.

The issues he would like to bring to the table in addition to the ones in 2003 is the property tax grab by city hall, up double in the last ten years and almost 25% in the last 3. User fees collected by the city up 76% in 10 years and almost 10% in the last 3, far out pacing inflation. Unemployment at over 9% leads the nation, and council must be pro active in attracting large employers and supporting small business. Council as the owner of Enwin, must insure that energy costs do not spiral out of control.

Blak will also advocate for better air quality, a fair share of the budget for road and sewers upgrades in the ward, and improving our neighbourhoods, clean up the garbage, get rid of the graffiti, and have exotic massage parlours take their business some where else.

Blak says "I love this city my family has been a continuous part of the ward since my grandfather open his bakery shop in 1918 on Langlois were it still is. Lets put away the miscalculations, and wayward thinking of the last 10 years, like MFP, city paid vacant space in the Candrel building, and the expropriations of the tax paying small businesses on the site of the phantom western super anchor. Windsor deserves better, choose change we can not afford the past."

Contact: Anthony (Tony) Blak

Phone: (519) 971-8295

Evenings 519-254-8202

Cell 519-259-9669

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Update - Council Candidates

New candidate for Ward 1:
Tom Lynd
3130 California Avenue N9E 3K6

Email address for Mohammad Qayyum Khan -

New candidate for Ward 2:
Tom Livingston
280 Erie Street West Apt. 15 N9A 6B5
(519) 567-0973

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Update - Council Candidate

Update for Ward 5 Candidate Stephane Beaudin
8545 Little River Road, Apartment 107

16 days until nominations close - 5:00 pm, September 29th

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Updates - Council and Trustee Candidates

City Council

Ward 5
9705 Melville Drive N8R 1B4
(519) 735-2664

Ward 2 - I have heard of another possible candidate for council, but it is unconfirmed as yet. Should have some details in the next few days.

Catholic Trustees

Ward 2
Patrick KEANE
3876 Vaughan Street N9C 1Z5
(519) 256-9001

No changes to Public Trustee races. The sidebar links have been updated.

DWBIA hosts Candidate meetings - Wards 2 & 3

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is hosting several Town Hall style question and answer sessions for candidates running for City Council.

Ward 3, Oct. 17 at The Room, 255 Ouellette Ave. - 7 p.m.

Ward 2, Oct. 18, Patrick O. Ryan’s (upstairs), 25 Pitt St. E.- 7 p.m.

French School Board Trustee Races

Conseil Scolaire Public de District du Centre Sud-Ouest

County of Essex
(includes Pelee, Leamington, Kingsville, Amherstburg, LaSalle, Windsor, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Town of Essex)

For this office you are entitled to vote for 1 (one) candidate.

François GRATTON
4772 Montgomery Drive N9H 1E7
(519) 253-2400

Conseil Scolaire de District des Ecoles Catholique Sud-Ouest

City of Windsor, Ward 1 and Town of LaSalle (combined)

For this office you are entitled to vote for 1 (one) candidate.

1024 Cervi Blvd.
LaSalle, ON N9J 3L5
(519) 978-9897


City of Windsor, Wards 2, 3, & 4 (combined)

For this office you are entitled to vote for 1 (one) candidate.

1222 Hickory
Windsor, ON N8Y 3S6
(519) 252-6754


City of Windsor, Ward 5 and Town of Tecumseh Ward 1 (combined)

For this office you are entitled to vote for 1 (One) candidate.

350 Laporte N8S 3P8
(519) 948-0023

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chris Schnurr Press Release

For Immediate Release

September 12, 2006

Candidate for city council, Ward 2, Chris Schnurr is officially kicking off his “Time for Action,” campaign on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006 at 6 p.m. at the Coffee Exchange located at 343 Ouellette Avenue, downtown Windsor.

“The next four years are critical to the City of Windsor, and I do not believe incumbent Ward 2 councilors are meeting these challenges. I intend to offer voters a clear choice: more of the same, or a reasonable, conciliatory approach to foster improved relationships with government, industry, labour and the residents of Ward 2.”

Everyone is welcome to attend, share ideas and ask questions. Free refreshments will be available. For more information please contact Jason Silvert, campaign manager, at
519-551-2420 or email

#### 30 ####

McKinley Campaign Kick-Off

A Campaign Kick-Off Dinner was held Monday September 11th as Kim McKinley announced her candidacy to run for election as a trustee for the Greater Essex County District School Board Wards 1, 2 and 3. The Kick-off was a huge success with nearly 100 tickets sold in advance. The Kick-Off Dinner doubled as a fundraising event and was held at the beautiful St. Angela’s Hall at 750 Erie Street in Windsor.

Wendy Cunningham of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Windsor/Essex office introduced Kim and spoke to the guests in attendance of Kim’s commitment to education for the past 13 years. Kim shared with everyone how she came to make her decision to run for trustee over this past year. She also thanked the many people and businesses that contributed to the huge success of the evening.

Editors Note: emailed from McKinley Campaign

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Candidate Profile - Greg Baggio, Ward 1

Greg Baggio - Candidate for Council - Ward 1


I was born in this community and have a Master’s of Business Administration and Honours, Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Windsor. I work in the Financial Services Industry and happily live in South Windsor with my wife Rita.

I understand the needs of this community having been raised with family that has sweated to contribute to the very fabric that many other proud citizens have. Realizing that our diversity is the backbone that has made us what we are, I also know that this is the same
driver that will provide future opportunity to our children.

I want to be the voice for the southwest area of Windsor to freeze inflated property taxes and foster a more controlled spending behaviour. I have a plan to help our community see the same growth much of the rest of Canada has enjoyed in the past 5 years.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Candidates Websites

I've added all the registered candidates websites to the sidebar for Council and School Board races. If I wasn't able to find a website, then the link defaults to the Official City of Windsor Election page.

Candidates for Council - update

Here's the latest update for Council Candidates by ward. I will be including websites as well, as it seems like the City of Windsor website will not be listing them. If you know of any candidates websites, please post the URL in the comments or email

Ward 1

3421 Maisonneuve Avenue N9E 1Y9
(519) 972-6061

874 Lounsborough Street N9G 1G3

3125 Massey Court N9E 2Z6
(519) 969-3739

Mohammad Qayyum KHAN
3495 Huron Church Road N9E 5H5

2619 California Avenue N9E 4L6
(519) 259-9322

Ward 2

Ronald (Ron) JONES
390 Randolph N9B 2T6
(519) 252-1005
Website: - not active yet

306 Partington Avenue, Apt. 105 N9B 2B5
(519) 253-4223

Caroline POSTMA
841 Bruce Avenue N9A 4X6
(519) 971-0728

804 Chilver Road N8Y 2K4
(519) 256-0246

Ward 3

Anthony (Tony) BLAK
2461 Lincoln Road N8W 2R6
(519) 254-8202

2517 Gail Road N9A 2Z7
(519) 971-8989

2173 Victoria Avenue N8X 1P8
(519) 977-9367

Ward 4

4620 Riverside Drive East N8Y 1B8
(519) 251-4614

1741 Tourangeau N8Y 4J9
(519) 818-1286

2475 Buckingham Drive N8T 2B4

1691 St. Luke N8Y 3N4
(519) 256-0606

1351 Rossini Boulevard N8Y 2Z6

Ward 5

Stéphane BEAUDIN
7285 Tranby, Apt. 406D N8S 4P3
(519) 974-6107

246 St. Rose Avenue N8S 1X2
(519) 948-9805

3025 Claxton Court N8R 1P9
(519) 982-1202

1209 Arncliffe Place N8S 4K2
(519) 974-2807

William (BJ) TAYLOR
1180 Garden Court N8S 2S3
(519) 948-2921

Friday, September 08, 2006


I received an email today regarding a candidates website: will be available shortly, in the meantime, there is a place-holder page. September 21 is the target, go-live date.
I've been searching for websites for various candidates in order to post a complete list. Anyone knowing of any sites, please drop me a line at

Friday, September 01, 2006

Halberstadt Campaign Launch

Councillor Alan Halberstadt held a Campaign Launch BBQ at Optimist Park Thursday evening. Approximately 150 people were in attendance. Alan also announced at the event that there was word Tony Blak was registering for the Ward 3 Race of the 1st of September.

Other Councillors/Candidates Attending:

Council Candidates:
Fulvio Valentinis - Ward 3
Chris Schnurr - Ward 2
Jo-anne Gignac - Ward 5
Percy Hatfield - Ward 5

Public Board Trustee's:
Lisa Gretzky - Ward 1,2,3
Kim McKinley - Ward 1,2,3

BizX Magazine and CBC Radio covered the event.