Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Around Town Tuesday - on Wednesday

Windsor Star blogger Donald MacArthur with probably the best comment on today's Provincial Election. (and most likely the most accurate prediction of the results).

Windsor WiFi Hotspots - know of any not on Tedd Whipp's list?

Windsor International Film Fest - Facebook group ON FIRE! - 51 members last week, 477 this week.

Shameless plug - - Municipal politicians and others blogging from across the country.

WE - apologies for the technical difficulties of the last several days. Murphy's law kicked in the minute I left town for Thanksgiving. Started with server problems that required a complete restore of the site. When the restore was done, the CRON jobs I use to pull the content for WE Speak no longer functioned. Everything should ticking along again now.

Don't forget to Vote today. Democracy only works if you make yourself heard!