Friday, October 12, 2007

A Challenge to Windsor Filmmakers in 48 hours

A possible new addition to the Windsor International Film Festival - A 48 HR Film Festival.
Note: this idea is not a done deal yet, but in the exploratory phase.
"Sorry for the double post but I have to be clear that this group is solely for gaging expressions of Interest. A Final decision will not be announced until we can ensure the ability to hold the event properly. Let us know if you believe that you can put together a team in time and we will announce a final decision and more info by Friday.

Thank You for your support and understanding."

Mark Mark Boscariol
This is a great idea to add more local content to the Festival and an opportunity for local filmakers to show their stuff. If you're a local business or supporter of the arts, consider donating towards this endeavour.
From the FaceBook group:

A Challenge to Windsor Filmmakers in 48 hours

We’ve all bitched and complained about the film situation here as well as each other; thus leaving our film community very much divided. Many feel the city has shown little support or care for the film arts community but we have a chance to show them what we can do. There are many people in the community that are trying to build things up together so we can all be seen and heard. There is a great opportunity that will allow anyone who is a Windsor filmmaker to show there stuff to the city and who knows how far else the project could expand to. The Windsor Film Festival is in talks to put together a 48-hour film festival Nov. 2-4 and the winners will be screened during the festival. There will also be different prizes such as a local filmmaker package that will help get you the things you need to make your next film.

There are people who feel that the city does not have the talent or interest to make this happen but we can show that just how talented the city is.

If you interested let me know facebook, email whatever works for you. If you haven’t done a 48-hour festival it’s an amazing rush and challenge for a filmmaker. Lets drop our swords work together and instead of using our words let our films speak for themselves. A bit preachy I know but if we work together there is no telling where we can take this. If you have any questions ask away.

What you’ll need to find is a small team: or if you want you can just find actors and do the camera stuff yourself or even act yourself if your really up for it. Get that locked down and then on Friday Nov, 2 you’ll be given what has to be in the film and have till Nov 4th to put it all together. The films will be anywhere between 2-4 mins long and for those saying that’s to short trust me it’s not. Part of the challenge is to make a great film at that length.

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More info at Reel Life - Part One and Part Two. Time may be short to include this idea for this year's festival. If it's not possible for this year, it would be a welcome addition to future festivals.