Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday October 22th

1. Considering the traffic to my own blog over the last several days, Windsor Star Blogger Chris Vander Doelen's most successful blog could very well be the one that no longer officially exists.
Edit: Chris reveals that there was no nefarious plot, just a case of second thought.

2. ...Scale Down Windsor steps up to the plate at Council this Monday night. Best wishes.

3. Looks like one of my favourite pet peeves, the annual Ward Lottery Fund is being revamped. I'm not sure of the details as yet, as I haven't seen the draft referred to in the report(page 2).

4. No review of Council Remuneration necessary at this time(page 4). (including the "temporary" increased payments from the Windsor Utilities Commission).
Now that we have a new Canadian Census available both the Ward Boundaries and Remuneration are two topics that should be up for public discussion and debate.

5. Only two days left to vote in the latest Shadow Poll - Who's your favourite Windsor Star blogger? A runoff between the top two will be held later on in the week. (poll is located in the right sidebar)

6. 48(+1) Hour FlickFest rolls on. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the results of this competition are.

7. has a calendar? Who knew? :)
Their calendar will now be featured in the top left sidebar of WE Speak. The events will updated every four hours and all link back to the main site. Don't ya just love Web 2.0? Drop them a line if you have an event.

8. The Shadow has been joined by a Watchdog. This neighbourhood is getting interesting.