Friday, October 26, 2007

Silencing dissent

Edit: Chris reveals that there was no nefarious plot, just a case of second thought.

A word to the wise to all the Editors at the Windsor Star, City Hall and anywhere else that someone might be inclined to alter what's been posted on the Internet.

Google Cache is highly effective, especially if you're posting on a site owned by a large media corporation.

Windsor Star Automotive columnist and blogger Chris Vander Doelen posted a blog Thursday afternoon at 5:14 pm - U of W Engineering Bldg Won't Fit Downtown Site. The blog was highly critical of the Mayor, City Council and their efforts regarding the downtown. Well, you don't need me to tell you, you can read it yourself.

For some reason, the blog no longer appears on the Windsor Star site.

A few months ago, we had stormy City Council meetings, news articles and editorials because Alan Halberstadt changed one word on his blog. What will the reaction be when an entire article is being censored?

Word to the wise for those posting on the internet. If you're going to edit a blog substantially or make it disappear altogether, it's incumbent on you to explain why. It's one thing to edit pieces for grammar or spelling, it's another to edit or censor for political reasons. Nothing ever really disappears on the internet.