Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flush to Vote! - update

Great response today to the Flush to Vote! campaign.

Peter from the Mayor of Monmouth, the man who got the ball rolling on this, started off this morning with an interview on the Lynn Martin show - guest hosted by Al Pervin today. If you missed the show this morning, you can listen again at 9:00 pm this evening for a re-broadcast.
P.S - to AM800 - please hire Al on a regular basis. Find the man a show! That was the best show I've listened to in ages. Al pulls no punches. How refreshing to hear in Windsor.

The Windsor Star stopped by my place at noon for a quick interview and a few pics, followed by CBC news. I think it was a unique experience for all of us. You don't see too many interviews conducted in a bathroom.

Just because the actual event is over doesn't mean we have to stop. When the first bills start arriving at the end of August, beginning of September I think it will really sink in for a lot of people who haven't been paying attention.

Email the Mayor and your Councillors, write a letter to the Editor, sign a petition - keep the heat on!

Speaking of petitions - I just happen to have one available:
1. Whereas the Municipal Act allows for the creation of a Municipal Auditor General;

2. Whereas taxpayers deserve accountability at all levels of government;

We, the undersigned, call on Windsor City Council to create the independent office of "Windsor Auditor General" and fund said office as appropriate
Download the Windsor Auditor General Petition (pdf).

Thanks to the Mayor of Monmouth for a great idea and letting me take part in this with him and all of you.