Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Quick Hits - Tuesday, August 7th.

Special Tuesday Quick Hits - All Water, All Day today!

For those that missed them, Graston captures the moment in his own unique style: Bada Bing, Junior practices "duck and cover".

Don't forget - Flush to Vote! Noon to 1pm today.

Special VIRTUAL FLUSH for those who wish to participate in spirit if not in action. (P.S. - if you're at City Hall, turn your speakers down really low so no one knows that you're voting!)

Replace Windsor wherever you see Ottawa
. Notice that Ottawa is at 86.8 cents per cubic meter as opposed to Windsor's paltry 26.6 cents per cubic meter.

Listen to the Lynn Martin show today - Al Pervin filling in.
"It's a REVOLT!! Water rates, the bridge, no street lighting, few railroad underpasses..Are you getting your tax dollars worth? Don't you deserve better?"

After you vote today - download the Petition(.pdf) to create a Windsor Auditor General.
Sign it. Copy it. Distribute it.

Help ensure accountability and transparency for the future of Windsor

Make your voice heard!