Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Flush to Vote! - the results

Well we certainly didn't overwhelm the sewer system yesterday, but we did achieve the goal of continuing to raise the awareness of this issue. From a story that might have died out last week, the Flush to Vote! campaign, other blogs, letter writers and radio callers have worked hard to keep this issue alive.

Today's Windsor Star editorial - WUC mess ( I thought the Star was being rather generous with that title)

Flush to Vote! article in the Star
. The Mayor may think a "discussion" of an independent audit will get him off the hook but I suspect residents will now settle for nothing less that a full fledged audit. Anything less is simply not acceptable. The Virtual Flush was more popular than I thought it would be - 324 flushes. (about 20 of them were mine as I checked the totals and filmed the CBC spot)

More letters to the Editor - for the two who weren't pleased with the Flush to Vote! - you helped us achieve our goal by writing a letter to the Editor and continuing to discuss the issue. To the charge of the exercise being environmentally harmful, I would argue that a water usage rate of 26.6 cents per cm is far more harmful than anything our small protest consumed. Try something for fun - investigate the average water usage in Windsor versus any other municipality. Shocking doesn't begin to describe it.

Make sure you tune in to next Monday night's Council meeting (Aug 13th). Nothing less than a motion of Council calling for an unrestricted independent audit by the Ontario Auditor General should be accepted by Windsor residents.

Many thanks to all who have called, emailed, posted blogs, wrote letters, called the Mayor, called your Councillor and anything else I've missed. Your efforts have Council listening for a change. Don't let them stick their fingers in their ears again. Keep it up!