Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What the Fu*k?

The ink's not even dry on the election results and already it begins.

From Gord Henderson's column today:
"Look for border infrastructure, the Zalev scrapyard and Windsor Airport to top the must-do list when Mayor Eddie Francis and his new council meet with a facilitator in early December to draw up a battle plan for the next four years.
Job 1 of the strategic planning session at Willistead Manor, in all likelihood, will be the city’s response to border construction proposals from the senior levels of government that could hit the fan in days or weeks. "
Can someone tell me why a " facilitator " has more influence in drawing up the " battle plan " for Windsor than the average citizen. Silly me, I thought that's what election campaigns were for.

The border is a non-stop topic in Windsor, but correct me if I'm wrong, did anyone hear a whisper of Zalev or Windsor Airport during this campaign? For that matter, did anyone hear a whisper of ANYTHING during this campaign?

Quite frankly, I'm not looking for hug-a-councillor(tm) cooperation from this council. The citizens of Windsor didn't elect their individual councillors to be part of some grand coalition brokered by an anonymous facilitator. There are 10 councillors and 1 mayor. For once in this city, I would expect the agenda and votes to reflect that reality.

On the other hand, I'm not holding my breath.