Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Poll by Poll data

I haven't been able to find any poll by poll results posted online as yet. I've sent an email to the City inquiring about this data as well as things like number of spoiled/rejected ballots, number of people who used the advance polls and number of proxy votes.

Once I receive either an answer or data, I'll post the results here.

I'm specifically interested in the number of proxy votes cast. I think the proxy could be done away with as they have federally and replaced with a similiar 'Special Ballot'.

People would be able to apply and receive a Special Ballot by mail or vote any day at the Election office using Special Ballot. (until the first Advance Poll begins). Between City Hall and the Customer Service Centres, there is an opportunity for Special Balloting to encourage more people to vote by making it more accessible and convenient.

With City Hall and five Service centres accepting votes from close of nominations until the opening of Advance Polls, we would be able to add another potential 20 days of voting for residents.