Thursday, November 16, 2006

Poll by Poll Results

My thanks to Chuck Scarpelli for his prompt response to my inquiry. Here are the poll by poll results for the election. Read 'em and weep.

icon 2006 Election Detail.pdf (103.92 KB)

There are a number of points to understand the sheet. Here is the email that I received explaining things.

I am attaching a poll by poll detailed summary of election results. Please note that the first column in the summary depicts the number of eligible electors and the second column depicts the number of ballots that passed through the tabulator machine for that poll. The third column shows the number of votes cast for that office, followed by the breakdown by candidate.

The number of proxy certificates that were issued and certified by the City Clerk was 48.

The number of persons who voted at the Advance Voting days was 4835.

The term "spoiled ballots" is used for ballots that have been spoiled by a voter either by the voter selecting too many candidates for a particular office, or the voter tears their ballot, or perhaps the voter marks their ballot incorrectly. In all these cases the voter have chosen to receive another replacement ballot. If this is the case, the voter returns to the Deputy Returning Officer at the station and hands their ballot back to the DRO stating that they have spoiled their ballot. The DRO takes the ballot and then writes spoiled on the back of the ballot and puts the ballot in the envelope marked "Spoiled Ballots". The voter is then issued another ballot.
On the night of the election, these envelopes along with all voting equipment are returned to the City Clerk and are not totalled collectively since these ballots were returned by the voters themselves used for the Statement of Managing Deputy Returning Officer.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me.
Looking at the number of proxies issued - 48 and number voting at the advance - 4835 (3.1%), confirms in my mind the benefits of moving towards some method similar to the federal process of Special Ballot voting.

The city's Customer Care Centres are strategically positioned throughout the city in high traffic/high use facilities. I think that allowing voting at these locations from the time nominations close until the first day of advance polling would help increase voter turnout.

I'm not particularly a fan of mail in ballots or internet voting. Mailing is still very open to abuse in my mind and internet voting is still very questionable at this point.

I'm just throwing this all out there to see what others think.