Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Postma's got potential in stand-up

Windsor's Komedy Corner is always looking for new talent.

Knock down, drag out funniest quote of the evening goes to the Windsor Star's Trevor Wilhelm with his report on the Ward 2 race:

Chris Richie, who with fellow challenger Gail Growe wanted to refurbish Windsor Arena instead of building a new facility, said the election showed him one thing: He shouldn’t have entered the race.
“There was a couple too many challengers; I think I was one of them,” said Richie, 31.

Postma, 33, said the number of candidates had no effect on how she did.

“I really work hard for the west end; I think my work stands for itself. I have a lot of grassroots support.”

Without the Growe/Petoran vote split, Ward 2 would be looking at a new face and some balance for a change. Postma's spin would put a Maytag repairman to shame.