Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Election Night Quick Hits

Congratulation to Alan and Lisa. I'm proud to have worked with both of them and have them represent the voters of Windsor. Stay tuned - you're looking at Windsor's first blogging Councillor and Trustee.

One slight upset in Ward 4 tonight, otherwise a rather dull evening.

To be quite blunt, this was the most apathetic municipal campaign I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. Ideas, thoughts, policy and platforms might as well of been a swear word - not to be spoken. For what it's worth, I have no sympathy for the citizens of Windsor over the next four years. With record low turnout and non-existent debate during the campaign, the council we have elected is exactly what the city deserves.

An interesting idea has been proposed to form the " Windsor Shadow Council ". This is something that I had been contemplating in one form or another. Most likely, starting in the new year, we're going to fire this up and hopefully begin some meaningful debates and ideas. If anyone is interested in joining this endeavour, email me at bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com .

Eventually this blog will be shifting to the WE Speak platform but before that happens I need a little time out. I'll continue posting here in the meantime.

Win or lose, congratulations to everyone who ran. Not many people understand the time and committment it takes simply to run let alone win and fill the office. Thanks for having the courage to stand up and let your voice be heard.