Friday, April 18, 2008

An inauspicious start

The Windsor Essex Development Commission sent out a press release yesterday announcing their new W.E. CAN campaign. It looks like the campaign is starting out as W.E. Can't (quite yet).

The press release lists as the site to visit for information. Unfortunately, when you visit that site, there is nothing there.

If you visit - you find a hokey "under construction" logo.

How about Nope. All you get there is a timer, which at 5:20 am this morning was reading 1 day, six hours and twenty one minutes.

The Windsor Star has a story on the campaign, but strangely it doesn't mention any of the websites in the press release. Most likely they didn't want to highlight the fact that the CAN WE campaign was starting off with a pretty emphatic NO!

I shudder to think what the reaction to the Press Release is at many of the recipient addresses, as they click away in vain.

Edit: I just received an email suggesting that it's possible that the domain hasn't fully resolved yet and it may only be some areas that can't access the site. Most times when you are activating a domain, you will receive a notice that it can take up to 24 hours for a domain to fully resolve across the net. Try the domain out and post the results in the comments. At the very least, they should point the .ca domain to the .com instead of the "under construction" page.