Friday, March 28, 2008

Ticket scandal still lives in Sudbury

Ontario Ombudsman probes concert scandal

British pop star Elton John performs in Riga last September.Ilmars Znotins, AFP, Getty ImagesBritish pop star Elton John performs in Riga last September.

Nearly a month after an Elton John concert in Sudbury ignited a furor when city councillors were given first dibs on tickets, Ontario's Ombudsman is using his new powers to investigate whether a meeting related to the surrounding controversy was inappropriately held in secret.
Which reminds me. Have we heard yet what we get for our $85,000 dollar a year, five year investment in the Detroit Grand Prix? Are there VIP access passes and tickets? Who gets what?

It's your tax dollars paying for it, we should have all the details. If Arts Groups have to provide detailed reports and statistics related to their funding, why should the City be exempt?