Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Hits - Monday March 10th

1. Congratulations to Kingsville for hitting the Top 5. Everyone has a few weeks to get their fingers warmed up before the final voting begins.

2. Kudos to Mr. Neufeld for his Letter to the Editor, but when your letter includes a line like this:
"I remain frustrated with comments from certain ratepayers that damage EnWin's reputation without regard to the many improvements made to infrastructure, customer service, and yes, to its bottom line."

It tells me there are communications challenges yet to be overcome. How frustrated do you think the ratepayers are, especially when the messages are often fractured, complicated and reactive instead of simple, constant and proactive?

3. March Break - take a little extra time driving to and from work - Kids at play!

4. Win a Dinner for Two - it's as easy as a couple clicks, a little bit of typing and enjoying some of your favourite dining.

5. As opposed to Windsor, other communities are embracing blogging as a form of Municipal communication. The site is growing and thriving with new blogs being added every week, both on the official and unofficial sides.

6. Hmm..., the choice for next Monday is going to be so difficult to make. I think the Irish in me is going to win.