Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday November 5th

1. Leveraging technology instead of re-inventing the wheel. H/T to Vancouver
Enterprising sorts in Ottawa are taking OCTranspo public data to new heights with things like Mobile browser access (you can see what it looks like on a cellphone here ) and Email Route Planning.

2. No further news yet on a possible BlueWater Bridge strike. Latest word is the Union is recommending that it's members reject the Blue Water Bridge Authority's latest offer.

3. Agenda Lite this week. If the Consent Agenda is adopted, the meeting should be over before most people realize it's begun.

4. Council Communications - the only thing that stands out for me this week is the recommendation from the Convention and Visitor's Bureau to create a new arms-length corporation (pg 25 and 26). We'll have to see how that one develops. Personally, I think we're running out of arms when it comes to these corporations in Windsor.

5. Urban Renaissance Through Campus Location: A DWBIA forum exploring the potential impact of a downtown university campus.

6. Two days left to vote for your Favourite Windsor Star blogger in Round Two. (poll is in the right hand sidebar)

7. What's surprising is that banning Poppy sellers still pops up year after year. H/T to Home Depot for quickly correcting the situation. (Cross-posted to The Torch)

8. Playing around with Facebook this weekend. City watchers can now add the City of Windsor News App to their Facebook account.