Saturday, November 03, 2007


Windsor's inaugural 48HRFLICKFEST, a part of the Windsor International Film Festival, is off to a promising start. The idea for the FlickFest began less than 3 weeks ago as an avenue to showcase local talent in the Film Festival. In short order the filmfest staff pulled together the concept, sponsors, prizes and a website.

The premise: Teams of up to 8 filmakers have one weekend to write, shoot, score, edit and finish a DVD movie of 2 to 4 minutes length. The contest began last night at 7pm and finished movies must be submitted no later than 7pm Sunday evening.

The twist: Each film must include a Character, Prop and Line of Dialogue chosen by the festival. The teams all receive this information during the contest kickoff.
Character: a prominent downtown landmark
Prop: A WIFF T-Shirt
Line of Dialogue: "Sorry Mama, you can't park there"
When the contest first began the expectation was that around 8 to 10 teams would enter during this first year. I was quite surprised to find out last night that 26 teams had successfully entered and attended the kickoff. That's over two hundred people who are going to be somewhat sleep deprived this weekend! Given WIFF's inventive selection of Character and Dialogue, we should be seeing quite a few cameras in the Downtown core this weekend.

The films will be screened at the Art Gallery of Windsor next Saturday afternoon. Once I've confirmed complete times and details, I'll post them here.

Good luck to tall the teams.

PS. don't forget about all the other great films and events going on as part of the Windsor International Film Festival. You can view the complete schedule on their website or download a copy in .pdf format.