Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Open Thread

Open Threads are the blogosphere's version of Open Mic night. Here's your opportunity to plug your favourite cause, event or blog post. If you have something of interest you'd like to share - drop a link in the comments or email me. I'll be updating the post throughout the day.

1. Windsor International Film Festival - Facebook explosion! Since yesterday's post, the WIFF Facebook group has grown by 64 members. Several people have emailed me to ask why I keep posting about this. Think about it in Marketing terms. The average Facebook user has 150 friends. Each time you join a group or event, most of your Facebook friends "see" you joining. With 84 current members, that's over 12,000 views of the WIFF group. The growth can be exponential with each new member. What would a flyer to 12000 people cost to promote the event?

2. Bookfest Windsor - The annual BookFestWindsor (formerly the Windsor Festival of the Book) celebrates all facets of the book, combining author readings, interviews and signings with workshops on book arts, book collecting and publishing—as well as lectures on various aspects of book history and production. The festival is a celebration of the book in all forms, from the art of book binding to the joy of reading and the freedom of expression. ... a unique local festival ...

3.Raise-a-Reader Windsor The CanWest Raise-a-Reader campaign is an award-winning national fundraising initiative of the CanWest Global Foundation. It is a unique philanthropic program that increases awareness and raises money and other resources in support of family literacy programs throughout Canada. DONATE ONLINE