Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Around Town Tuesday - Oct 2nd

Congrats to the International Film Festival Facebook group - 30 new members this week for a total of 51. Bookfest is still leading though, with 104 members. Support your local festivals. If you're a Facebook member, join these groups and keep up to date on what's happening in Windsor. Invite your friends.

Got WiFi? Windsor Star blogger Ted Whipp with a list of locations for Downtown Windsor. If you know of other locations, add them in the comments. Share the wealth!

Surprise, surprise. First response of an entrenched bureaucracy when faced with cuts - find the nastiest cuts to service that you can think of to suitably scare the public. Try turning off all the computers in the library each night. Should save a bundle in hydro costs.

WE Speak continues to grow. We're adding new and diverse voices to the site every week. See what your fellow citizens are blogging about.

Oops. Too late. If Councillors were worried about setting a grant precedent they should be taking a look at their own Ward Lotto Fund spending over the last several years. Parades, tournaments, Gospel Festivals, neighbourhood festivals... That horse already left the barn years ago

How's the Casino Construction going? Windsor Visuals with a photo update.

A recipe for development or disaster? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Got an event or cause to plug? Leave the details in the comments. I'll update the post today and add some to an open thread I'll be posting on Wednesdays.