Thursday, September 20, 2007

By the way

Something I noticed on Windsor City Blog yesterday:
Duncan: “Unlike Mr. Schnurr and his Conservative friends, we don’t believe the provincial government should just go in for the purposes of beating up municipalities. They’re elected officials at the municipal level, ah, by unanimous resolution, they have as I understand it, they’ve asked us and we’ve complied with their request.”
If Dwight Duncan or anyone else in this city is under the illusion that this WUC protest is somehow organized along partisan Conservative lines or restricted to "failed" Council candidates they are making the worst read of a situation that they've ever made in their careers.

While I myself readily identify with conservative policies (although I tend to lean much more to the Libertarian side of things these days), if blowhards like Duncan and Lewenza actually stop talking long enough to evaluate things, they'd be shocked to see the breadth and depth of the disgust resonating throughout Windsor on this subject. In fact, they may well have hit on the one issue that Windsorites can unite on regardless of their political stripe or leanings.

In the old "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" world of Windsor politics, they might soon find a few hundred people clawing instead of scratching.

Their choice.

Update: Chris Schnurr with more on Dwight Duncan and Ken Lewenza - the "champions of Windsor".