Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best Before Date long past

Because every other Windsor City initiated project has come in on time, under budget and operated without a deficit, it's hard to understand Gord Henderson's cynicism in this article:
On schedule. And on budget. Brister’s eyes glitter as he delivers those words. Combative by nature, he’s clearly driven by determination to deliver the goods and silence the critics, as in shove it down their whiny throats.
Being vocal, asking questions and demanding accountability of our elected representatives is now defined as being "whiny" and deserving of having something shoved down our throats.

If you lift up Gord Henderson's ear and find the "Best Before" date, you'll now find that it's long past, leaving the readers of Windsor with nothing more than curdled milk, spoiled meat and a nasty odour in place of insightful commentary and critique.

I wonder if the citizens of Windsor would be cheerleading as much as Gord if they knew back in October of last year they were about to be screwed over for three years of WUC rate freezes designed to re-elect our current crop of Councillors.

If we have to spend $650 million over the next 30 years on water and sewers to avoid a catastrophic collapse of our water systems, what would $67 million do for that same system if spent over the next two or three years?

Whiny? Toxic?

Boy, City Hall, Council and friends are rolling out all the big guns these days. Express an opinion contrary to the acceptable norm in Windsor these days and you now risk being labelled "failed", "irrelevant" , "whiny", "toxic", "blind mice", "a minority" and any other derogatory term they can dredge up.

To Gord Henderson, Ken Lewenza, Mayor Francis, Fulvio Valentinis and anyone else who wishes to continue throwing insults instead of answers, please continue. You are hardening peoples resolve in Windsor better than the hottest fire can temper steel.