Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something to look forward to

Some of the extra money is needed to pay for the Lou Romano Wastewater Treatment Facility rehabilitation and expansion. The city will see an additional $14 million in annual revenue. The increase is around 37 per cent. In an effort to explain the increase in water rates to the general public the Windsor Utilities Commission is planning a town hall-style meeting at the Caboto Club on July 26.
From the sounds of it though, any questions will be on an individual basis
Spokeswoman Sylvia de Vries said the open house will feature “museumtype” displays and staff will be on hand to respond to questions.
It's easier to fluff off the tough questions that way. Ones like - if sewer and water repairs/replacement are such a priority, why are we transferring money to the City of Windsor for general revenue? Is that a tax increase by disguise? Why do you impose a levy on top of a fixed charge for Water Meters? What is going on at the Windsor Utilities commission that warrants paying Municipal Councillors an extra $158,968.44 for 2006?

I'll be there to ask the questions, not that I actually expect any straight answers.

The worst thing is, you can't find a media outlet in town to ask the same questions. The Star article linked to in this blog post might as well be a joint City of Windsor/Windsor Utilities press release.

A-Channel seems to be about the only ones left in town willing to ask questions. Not that they recieve any answers, but at least they're out there slugging it out.