Monday, July 02, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday July 2nd

Local Windsor-West NDP MP Brian Masse once again leading the fight on the issue he made his name on. This should make a fascinating case once it reaches the courts, which barring an approval tomorrow night, is where I'm guessing this is heading. I'm told by several lawyer friends that discovery can be a truly revealing process.

Great idea, bad implementation, especially once the Bingo industry collapsed. Windsor charities are in need of a serious review and rationalization. How many groups were relying on bingo as their sole source of revenue? The diverse will survive while the others will not. Windsor will be worse off for it. Expect to see grant requests of Council rise over the year.

In case you missed it on the weekend - KABOOM!

H/T to the Windsor Police Association. I spoke to one father who attended their Fishing Derby Saturday with his four kids. "Absolutely fantastic!" was his review. Dad, two grand-pa's and the four kids can't wait for next year's event.
P.S. - he agrees that the event was better as a fun day instead of a competition.

Double digit decline in traffic, along with the accompanying drop in revenue. Windsor's answer? Let's set up a company and run it better. (I'll pause here so you can finish spitting out your morning coffee or recover your breath from the gale of laughter that just overcame you).

BTW, what ever happened to the Great Tunnel Corporation CEO search?