Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Pro Patria"

Inspired by the art of classical antiquity, Silvia Pecota created this image entitled, "Pro Patria", (For Country) as an allegory.

Canada is represented by a young,
noble figure standing on a solid rock separating two oceans, symbolic of our national motto,
"A Mari Usque Ad Mare" (From Sea To Sea).

No matter how many storms we, as Canadians must endure, we will stand "strong and free".

This image was initially printed as a postcard and dedicated to our soldiers, sailors and aircrew
who have placed themselves in harm's way in the service of peace.

There are 500 (14” x 17”) limited edition prints, numbered and signed by artist Silvia Pecota.
The total editions also include: 75 publisher’s proofs • 125 artist’s proofs • 300 charity edition print

This image has been digitally created combining photography and oil painting and lithographically
reproduced in a limited signed and numbered edition of 500.
It is accompanied by the artist's signed certificate guaranteeing authenticity.

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