Monday, July 23, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday July 23th

1. When you get a link from one of the most visited blogs in Canada - Kate's Small Dead Animals - your traffic meter tends to go through the roof. Since she began blogging in 2004, Kate has had close to 6 million visitors. For the inevitable comments and emails - I was NOT the person who forwarded this to Kate.

2. Coming soon to a browser near you - MUNIBlogs. Official launch is scheduled for next Monday. (still have a few bugs to work out, but some traffic should help.)

2. Hold on to your wallets, it's time to start the 2008 Budget Deliberations. Work REALLY fast if you want to be heard. The public consultation is next Monday, July 30th.

3. There go the legal bills again. In some strange masochist strategy, Windsor seems to revel in picking fights with corporations possessing VERY deep pockets.

4. Tick, Tick, Tic,........BZZZZZZZZZZZ.
7. Conclusion - The response of the City Solicitor with respect to border and interim control by-law files Fees and disbursements is submitted for information. The City Solicitor is requesting that Council consider requiring the report on a quarterly basis.

5. Only in Windsor could we build a $7.5 million Bus Station with no commercial space (small variety store/newstand, restaurant etc) at the same time as we spend $3.2 million to build a riverfront cafe. We'll add in a commercial component in 2 or 3 years at an additional cost of $500,000. At least it's built. Were it not for the clock ticking on some Provincial Funding, the Bus Station was starting to look like Arena II - The Never Ending Sequel.