Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Council Communications

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Council Communications for Tuesday April 10, 2007

Item 6 From the General Manager of Corporate Services - Legal and Consulting Fees - Border/Interim Control By-law Files

4. As at February 28, 2007, a total of $1,856,185.71 has been spent on the border file and $1,186,686.34 on the Interim Control By-law/OMB Hearing file. The total for these files is $3,042,872.05, current to and including February 28, 2007. Of the border file expenditure, approximately $195,400 is out of the most recent budgeted amount.
(Ed. Note: I believe the "most recent budgeted amount referred to here is $400,000, approved on October 10th, 2005, but I still have to confirm this)

7. Conclusion - The response of the City Solicitor with respect to border and interim control by-law files Fees and disbursements is submitted for information. The City Solicitor is requesting that Council consider requiring the report on a quarterly basis. (Ed. Note: last report was January 8th, 2007)
"City Time" certainly is a strange animal. This monthly report covers until February28th. The previous report was dated January 8th and the last report I could find before that was November 9th, just prior to the election.

The total reported in November of 2006 was as follows (current figures/difference in brackets):

Border File - $1,690,380 ($1,856,185.71 - $165,805.71)
Interim Control By-law/OMB Hearing - $1,067,946.13 ($1,186,686.34 - $118,740.21)

If the $400,000.00 amount mentioned above is correct, then there is only another $115,454.19 to go before further expenditures are authorized - that is, if further expenditures haven't already been authorized in-camera and we don't know about it as yet.