Monday, July 30, 2007

Ontario Auditor General to investigate Windsor Utilities

Hopefully that will be a headline we read very shortly in the Windsor Star. Without an investigation by an independent authority into exactly what has been going on at WUC for the last three years, this current council has lost virtually any credibility it has.

Six out of ten Councillors are on one or more of the various boards and commissions that makeup the Enwin/WUC organization. They are there as the taxpayers representatives. At present it's not evident that we are getting very much in the way of representation. Lots of buck passing, spinning, justifications and misdirection, but little or no information.

There remain far too many unanswered questions:
Why is the information only becoming public AFTER the rate increases were passed at Council?

Why was it put on the supplementary agenda and then passed as a consent item?

In the years where we weren't spending enough on watermain replacement, as claimed, how much money was being transferred to the City for operating or other capital uses?

A $3.2 million dollar billing error was discovered in 2005 but not reported and explained to the public until last week - Why?

Were any attempts made to collect this lost revenue or was it simply written off?

Why was this information not released prior to the last Municipal Election?

How many Councillors would have been re-elected had this information been released prior to the election?

Is this the reason for several resignations and departures from Enwin/WUC over the last year?

Was the water usage rate kept at it's currently ridiculously low level in order to sign deals with Tecumseh and LaSalle?

What are the implications for Tecumseh and LaSalle if we double or triple our water usage rates? Are they locked in at the current price?

Are Windsor water users subsidizing Tecumseh and LaSalle residents with higher Fixed Meter Charges?
Those are a few questions that come to mind. I'm sure there are many more. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments.

The last question to ask is whether or not we have one or more Councillors willing to step forward and begin demanding an audit or public inquiry?

Is it "all for one and one for all" on this Council or do we have a leader amongst them?

We'll all know shortly.