Thursday, February 01, 2007

Three blind mice better than an ostrich

Gord Henderson would have you believe that Councillors Marra, Halberstadt and Dilkens have crossed to the "dark side" by his implication that they have sided with the bridge. His characterization of them as "three blind mice" is both disingenuous and misguided.

I can't speak to Councillors Marra and Dilkens but Councillor Halberstadt's platform, unlike the Mayor's, is front and centre for all to see.

A Grand Vision of Small Solutions

I've re-read it three times now and can't seem to find the commitment to operate as one of Windsor's trained seals to only act as a member of a unified team. I did find a couple of border related points that bear directly on this situation:
Urge the new Council to take a more conciliatory approach with the senior levels of government to find a solution to our border issues.

• End the reliance on expensive lawyers and consultants on the border file.

• Ask for an external Municipal Act expert to orient the new Council on methods to be open and transparent.
Mayor Francis has pretty much shattered point number one. Monday night's interim control bylaw destroyed point two. Point three probably represents the most important action required to change the dynamic on this council and how business in this city is conducted.

To people who follow city issues it seems to be a continuing strange situation when Windsor Star columnists and reporters are privy to City actions before even it's elected council members.

There have been a number of Councillors calling for a specific meeting on border issues with the new Council. We're now heading into February and somehow Council hasn't been able to meet to formulate a strategy for moving forward. How curious. If you want to proclaim that everyone should be onside with the team, shouldn't the team actually meet to determine what is either on or offside? I know, I know, I shouldn't worry about the trivial details.

Henderson's spends three quarters of his article throwing around terms like pandering, naive, stupidity and negligence relating to the three dissenting Councillors. Funny thing is those four terms match the number of fingers (and thumb - but that's one for a different post) not pointing at Councillors Marra, Halberstadt and Dilkens.

The voters of Windsor did not elect a team. Each ward elected their individual Councillors and the City as a whole elected a Mayor. If the Mayor has a game plan that he wishes Councillors to get on board with then it is incumbent on him to share that plan. Lord knows, he didn't share any of it with the voters of Windsor during this last election.