Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Poll - Open and Transparent Government

This week's new poll was inspired by Monday night's City Council meeting and is dedicated to Ward 1 Councillor Dave Brister.

Roseann Danese's Windsor Star blog - Council Notebook - has all the details for those who missed Monday's meeting.

Update: Windsor City Blog blogger Ed Arditti weighs in on the issue with his own post.

Update 2: Councillor Alan Halberstadt blogged about this issue in October of last year, during the election. The reason we are looking at the amount of time spent in-camera by council is the result of a resolution of Council spearheaded by Alan. Passed in November of 2005, it directed the City Administration to produce a quarterly report of the time spent in camera versus the time spent in public. It took until October of 2006 to produce the first report, covering January to September 2006 instead of per quarter, as directed by council. Last nights report, over 1 year later represents the first production of a quarterly report requested in November of 2005.

From the minutes of the November 28th Council Meeting:


That the City Clerk BE REQUESTED to provide quarterly reports on time spent by Council at both in-camera and open meetings; and

That the titles of proposed in-camera agenda items BE LISTED on the Consolidated Order of Business for approval in open session, the week prior to their intended consideration in closed session; and

That the Procedure By-law BE AMENDED to provide for phone and e-mail polls of Council members. Should the ability to poll be allowed, that polling be restricted to emergency issues requiring Council direction where time does not permit holding a special meeting of Council and/or a quorum of Council cannot physically convene to consider the matter.


Councillor Lewenza was absent from the meeting when the vote was taken on this matter.

BASIS Report Number: 11692 ACA/7358 ACO2005 8