Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New media in political campaigning

For anyone interested in the "new media" and politics, this should be an interesting show to catch. While you're there, take some time to take a look around Steven Clift's site Dowire.org:
"If you are interested in democracy online - including politics online, new media, e-governance, e-government, online advocacy and activism, citizen e-participation and related topics, then join us.

Each week, well known e-democracy expert and speaker Steven Clift posts/forwards, with occasional analysis, carefully selected messages. Posts include news, article, and report web links, event and conference announcements, calls for papers, and often uncover important "primary source" online resources, projects, and initiatives of significance."
Steven was just recently appointed an Ashoka Fellow in the field of Civic Engagement.

EPRI ONLINE RADIO SHOW/PODCAST on “Web 2.0 for Politicians”

Learn about what Web 2.0 (the new generation of the internet) can do for you!

The Hot Air Balloon Show live on February 12th and 14th from 1.30-3pm (+1GMT) or by podcast afterwards.

Wed 14th Feb: Secrets of success? New media in political campaigning

Hear about the latest (new media) trends in political campaigning in the US and Europe.

* Alan Rosenblatt: Director, Internet Advocacy Center and famous blogger (aka Dr. DigiPol),

* Chris Casey: Director of Online Campaigns, NGP Software,

* Jimmy Orr: Director of E-Communications for US Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, (TBC) * Loïc Le Meur: European MD, Six Apart and one of France’s most influential bloggers.

Note: Places for the live show are limited, so please register. To participate contact: Benedikte BUHL benedikte@polpit.com Tel: +32 2 644 3777 Fax: +32 2 644 3775