Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Came across this blog post from a Google Alert on Windsor.
Media City
Windsor Municpal Shadow. He is exactly what he says he is. While not as prolific as Scnurr or Arditti, Paul Synnott unloads on the faults and foibles of council without snark or sarcasm, which is a dangerous balance to maintain.
To be honest, I haven't had much feedback, other than the typical anonymous nasty emails, since starting this blog. I was happy to see that Jordan recognized the balance I was trying to maintain, while also sad that my focus seems to be centred on the "faults and foibles". After looking through some of my last months or so posts, I guess I would have to agree.

I've got one side of the balance down, now I have to ensure that I have a little more in the "praise where praise is due" category. I have never intended this blog to be entirely negative or pointed but rather a discussion of various issues. I guess sometimes it's easier to zoom in on the negatives and miss the positives.

Note to self.

BTW, make sure you check out Jordan's blogpost for a review of the rest of Windsor's political related blogs.