Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mayor's Race lacking in detail

Welcome to all the new readers from the Star's Scene section.

A while ago I posted a link to Eddie Francis "Real" plan from the 2003 election. I've received several emails that sometimes the link is not working. I've posted a copy of the plan. For those that are interested, you can use it to compare notes with Eddie's self published "Report Card" .
(WindsorCityBlog has posted their own "Report Card" for the Mayor)

From challenger David Wonham, now that we're in the final "10 days to two weeks that count", we should be expecting a large "splurge". Not sure what an election splurge is, but I look forward to learning.

From a content perspective neither Eddie Francis or David Wonham is doing much online. The latest content for Wonham is a blog post from the 20th of October.

I guess you could consider Eddie's site fresher - the site didn't actually go live until the 26th of October. The latest dated content on the site remains a piece on the News page from the 17th of October. I had a sense of deja vu when viewing it - reminded me of this page.

Both Francis and Wonham have very little on their respective sites in the way of platform, plans, vision or promises. For Windsor's sake, hopefully this will change in the next two weeks.