Monday, October 30, 2006

Candidates Online

The Windsor Star's Tom Lucier saved me a lot of typing. His article today helped highlight what I was referring to yesterday.
Candidates should go online

Tom Lucier, Special to The Windsor Star
Published: Monday, October 30, 2006

"I spend a majority of my early day on the Internet. ... Well, it is the information superhighway," said musician and voter Nate Gelinas, 22. "I just don't think they're after the attention of young people."

Those words should cause night terrors for candidates who aren't addressing the young voter online. "It's not just young people. Everybody has the Internet," said Mark Lapointe, 26. "The ones who have a website, they have a plan. Who wants a leader who doesn't have vision?"

Today's campaign question is not whether a candidate should have one or not, but why would you not? Putting up an "internet postcard" for a website doesn't quite cut it either.

Diversification is the only way Windsor is going to thrive in the future. Two of the city's strongest assests in this regard are St. Clair College and the University of Windsor. Research and development is sorely lacking in Canada.

One example - with an impending expansion of our Medical School, what is the city doing to promote our local pharma industry? Are we analysing options to build this sector and partner with the University and College? A 'Knowledge' based ecomomy is often touted as one of the diversification opportunities available for Windsor. Are Windsor's candidates up to the task?

The flow of information today is massive. A candidate not having an internet site tells me that either they don't really care to reach out to voters, they don't get it or both.

Below is a list of candidates who have taken the effort to make their sites interactive through features like a blog or forum. They at least deserve a look for their efforts.
H/T to the Windsor Star for the link.