Thursday, May 01, 2008

Windsor Weather

Yesterday evening I was searching for a suitable weather banner to put on WE Speak. Most of what I found wasn't suitable until I came across the Weather Underground. The process to select and embed the banner I was looking for was simple. The interesting part came when I scrolled further down the page and looked at where the weather data was coming from.

Apparently someone on Chilver Ave, just north of Tecumseh, has their own weather station setup and it feeds information into the Weather Underground network. The page lists the hardware as a WX-200 using WVS 14.0 software.

The Weather Underground also pulls data from the Windsor Airport, two stations in Belle River, one in Essex, one in the Colchester area and approximately 25 or thirty various stations in Michigan. You can view all the various stations here.

Just one of those really cool things to find on the net and in our backyard.