Friday, May 02, 2008


" But how, short of tying it up in the courts and being labelled obstructionists, do we alter the course of an investment in this depressed region that could be worth as much as $5 billion, when all is said and done? "

How about by acting like adults instead of two year olds throwing a tantrum.
Mayor Eddie Francis and council appeared stunned and responded with anger

“Council is outraged with what was put forward today,” Coun. Dave Brister said

“What council has expressed is they clearly are pissed,” Francis said.

“People behind this proposal have not gained any respect with this dog and pony show today that tries to fool people this is a GreenLink deal. I was not going to get into mudslinging, but they did not gain any credibility with this smoke and mirrors game they pulled today.”

“It is a continuous sellout of this community,” Coun. Fulvio Valentinis said.
With that response, the Province is basically going to say screw Windsor, full steam ahead. Any reasonable person would look at the City's response and surmise that there is simply nothing left to gain in dealing with them.

We could have acknowledged the changes made, asked for more time to study the complete plan and come back with a reasonable, measured response. Instead, Windsor hauls out the artillery and starts lobbing the biggest shells they can find. Save the histrionics and posturing for the next election (most of you are going to need it). Stomping our feet and yelling at the top of our lungs that "Windsor deserves better" is not going to accomplish anything.

Here's a good example:
"LaSalle Mayor Gary Baxter was happy to see progress being made. “It’s a step in the right direction.”

About 42 per cent of the access route falls within LaSalle. Baxter said he would need further analysis done to comment on the impact of the mix of below-grade, tunnelling and parkland proposed for LaSalle."
We're only approaching the half way point of this marathon process. Notwithstanding the upcoming plaza and crossing announcements, there is still the biggest question mark in the equation left to resolve - what about the American side?