Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One to read

I meant to post about this blog last week, unfortunately it dropped off my radar screen. Take a few minutes to read Don McArthur's excellent blog on the Spitfire/City arena deal.

Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis spinning secret Spits deal...

...When Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis says the secret deal the city signed with the Windsor Spitfires is a good one for taxpayers, he may well be telling the truth. But when he tells you the city was “never against it being released,” he isn’t being as clear as he could be. While that probably doesn’t qualify as news anymore, it should still be regarded as significant.

The reality is that the agreement included a confidentiality clause, designed to keep under wraps details that had been shared publicly in the past. That clause was reportedly inserted at the request of the Spits, but the city was under no obligation to enter into it.