Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2008 Recommended Budget Increases and Reductions

From the City's 2008 Budget documents, here are the recommended increases/decreases by department. Of the 22 departments listed, 12 were to receive increases, one stayed the same and 9 were to be decreased.

At this point I'm working off the recommended documents as the final approved budget documents are not available. When the approved budget is posted I'd really like to find out what the actual line by line reductions are versus increased revenue, revenue projections, increased funding from the Province and the pension obligation reduction.

One thing I've yet to find is the rational behind the Library funding decreases.

There are a few things to note about the decreases:

Transit Windsor - this decrease reflects increased revenue due to the fare increase and a $400,000 reduction in payments required for employee pension plan.

Social Support - this decrease is a result of uploading by the Province

Hospitality and Corporate Facility Planning - this decrease is mainly based on projected savings from electricity purchases

Huron Lodge - the majority of this decrease is due to increased funding from the Province

Licensing & Enforcement - the majority of this decrease was due to the possible elimination of the Crossing Guard Program, which I believe was not implemented.

Engineering and Corporate - the majority of this decrease is related to decreased streetlight maintenance and projected energy savings.

Recreation - this decrease is due to a combination of $250,000 in increased revenue (increased user fees) and an in-camera reduction of $750,000. I'm not sure what was actually implemented here.

Operations - the largest portion of this decrease was accomplished by the reduction of snow removal services

Corporate Administration
CAO's Office
- 8.9% Increase

Corporate Services
- 0.1% Increase
Human Resources
- 0.9% Increase
Council Services - 4.8% Increase
- 25.3% Increase
Information Technology
- 1.4% Increase

Community & Protective Services
Parks & Facility Operations
- 1.8% Increase
Recreation - 0.6% Decrease

Licensing & Enforcement
- 23% Decrease
Hospitality & Corporate Facility Planning
- 39.7% Decrease
Fire & Rescue Services
- 4.5% Increase
Building & Development
- 2.5% Increase
Planning - 0.0

Public Works
Engineering & Corporate Projects
- 2.5% Decrease
- 0.6% Decrease
Environmental Services
- 0.2% Increase

Social & Health Services
Social Support
-9.8% Decrease
Housing & Children Services
-4.0% Increase
Huron Lodge
- 4.7% Decrease

Agencies and Boards
Transit Windsor
- 2% Decrease
Windsor Public Library
-7.1% Decrease

Corporate Accounts
Corporate Accounts
- 5.3% Increase