Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who's acountable?

Public school board slapped with hefty fine

WINDSOR - The public school board has been fined $40,000 by the Ontario Ministry of Labour for failing to comply with orders to provide ample time for joint health and safety committees to carry out inspections at schools under its jurisdiction.

Penny Allen, superintendent of business for the Greater Essex County District School Board, entered a guilty plea to a single non-compliance charge Wednesday in provincial offences court. The charge stems from instances in which inspections were not conducted, or not enough time was allowed for inspections to be completed by management and union representatives

That's $40,000 that the school board doesn't have to contribute to your child's education because someone can't follow the basic rules. How many people involved in this decision making process made over the $100,000 dollar threshold for public reporting?

Regardless of whether you're in favour of unions or not, this is basic stuff. Who's held accountable? Are those responsible still receiving a "performance bonus" for the year?

How would your boss react if you were a private sector manager slapped with a $40,000 dollar fine? Would your employee responsible for the situation still have a job?

What is your local school board representative doing about this? Although they don't have the profile of City Councillors, these people should have no less accountability when it comes to situations like this. Most people's reaction would be one of disgust if ABC Co. Inc. of Windsor was fined in such a manner, why should our reaction be any different because it's a public institution?

What would $40,000 dollars buy the board for next year? A new playground, books for the library or equipping a new gym?

Is anyone responsible?

Probably not.

Welcome to the public sector. Your tax dollars at work!