Monday, March 03, 2008

WE Speak tinkering

I've upgraded the software that I use for the aggregator at WE Speak. Hopefully this should resolve most of the issues with posts that cause the template to break and leave you viewing a distorted image of the site. I'll be monitoring things closely over the next several days, including checking it out in Internet Explorer, which I have to admit, I rarely do.

At the Windsor bloggers meet last Wednesday, I discussed with several people some of the issues surrounding the blogroll and how it's updated. In a nutshell, it's a unique service provided for free. There is no way to alter or improve it at this point, unless you are willing to create your own.

There are several things individual bloggers can do to ensure their blog moves up the roll whenever they post:

1. If you are using Feedburner - go to Publicize - Ping Shot. Make sure you choose and Ping-o-matic as two of your choices;

2. If you use blogging software that allows for automatic pinging add - - to your list;

3. You can manually ping Blogrolling by visiting this page and entering your data;

4. Ping-o-matic is similar to the Blogrolling manual ping, except it covers a number of different services at the same time.