Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Hits - Monday March 17th

1. Go Spits! - the trio of Dobrich, Rychel and Boughner have done wonders with this team since their purchase.

2. Any Federal money, if it was forthcoming, would only be handled by an Opportunities Agency, like the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. Any control would be vested in the political Minister for the Province, in this case Environment Minister John Baird. While a Regional Economic Development Commission would have input, to think that it would be the "driving force" of any such fund is wishful thinking of the highest order. It's possible a Community Business Development Corporation model could be proposed, but these have generally been targeted at smaller rural communities along the size of Essex or Leamington. I won't even get into Windsor's propensity for lobbing hand grenades at anyone and everyone and what that does for our political capital.

3. Windsor bloggers Meet - Wednesday March 19th, Milk Coffee Bar, 68 University Avenue West 7:00 pm

4. Subsidies to failing businesses are the knee-jerk panacea of politicians programmed to "do something" about every problem.

5.Majority of Ontario hospitals refuse to be identified in report card comparing patient care. Met and Windsor Western are listed, Hotel Dieu is absent.

6. Interesting story on Vancouver's efforts to control the Granville party district. Treoscope - the software helping improve things.