Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chickens coming home to roost

For Windsor's City Hall Communications Director ultimate cheerleader Gord Henderson, it's a sin for Ministers Duncan and Puppatello to ignore their constituents and their concerns.

Pity he didn't express these same concerns prior to October of 2007. Maybe, if for once in their life, Windsor stopped voting for the status quo, we might actually begin to see some results beyond the usual rhetoric.

Dalton McGuinty blames Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty for all the provinces woes in the typical federal/provincial blame game. Gord and his puppet master Eddie take this to new levels, blaming Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Dwight Duncan, Sandra Puppatello, Gary McNamara, DRIC, DRTP, "naysayers", the Ambassador Bridge Company and virtually anyone else who has the temerity to disagree with them, for all the woes that are or will befall Windsor.

If ever there was a mirror looking for a reflection it's Gord, Eddie and the rest of Windsor's trained seals on City Council.

PS. the Duncan and Puppatello that Henderson waxes nostalgic about were members of the official opposition, railing against the "evil" of then Premier Mike Harris. As far as who "neutered" them, blame Dalton McGuinty, the day he named them to cabinet.

PS 2. love the optics of Duncan purchasing a new Blackberry for budget day instead of a new pair of shoes. All the better to PIN everyone in Windsor his regrets.