Friday, March 07, 2008

400 City Hall Square Audit

What's interesting to me about this story, is the many unspoken things surrounding it.

This is the second audit from the former City Auditor (who resigned in December) that is more than a year old. How many other stale-dated audits are waiting in the wings?

Notice the response when Councillor's step out of line these days? We keep hearing about veiled references to the as-yet to be established Integrity Commissioner. Is this a coincidence? It certainly appears that there are some who would see this position used as a weapon to silence others. Glass houses and all the other appropriate descriptive pictures would seem to apply here. Something about the law of unintended consequences should be contemplated as well along with a dash of Pandora's Box for good measure.

What is becoming patently obvious is that it is the Auditor-General whose hiring should be sped up, not the Integrity Commissioner.

The other disturbing pattern is that anyone, anywhere, anytime who has anything to say contrary to the mantra chanted from City Hall experiences an anvil the likes of which Wile E. Coyote could only understand.