Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eye-popping indeed

I'll let others weigh in on most of the details of today's audit revelations.

One thing that makes me wonder:
"It was carried out by former city auditor Mike Dunbar and his staff. Dunbar resigned Dec. 31 and has not been replaced. He could not be reached Tuesday for comment."
Considering Mr. Dunbar's outspoken comments on the need for an Auditor-General in Windsor and his sudden resignation, I'm left wondering what else is still lurking under the carpet.

Feel free to add your name to the petition for an independent Windsor Auditor-General.

Edit: if you're looking for some heat on this cold winter day, make sure you pop on over to the Windsor Star and read some of the heat being generated in the comments right now. And they say bloggers are bad...

Edit 2: I guess we can add Forensic Auditors to the list of growth industries in Windsor.