Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Elton John tickets "hot" item for some Municipal Councillors

Sudbury is also embroiled in an Elton John Ticket controversy, much like Kitchener. Their situation though, seems to be taking a turn towards the bizzare.

Ticket controversy deepens; How the city tried to force an end to negative stories arising from Elton John ticket fiasco

One thing very troubling to read in the article:

Mieto's e-mail also informs council that, in response to the ticket controversy, municipal bureaucrats are pursuing a number of measures to try to ward off media inquiries into how the city handles such ticket sales. These measures include:

Despite having its own legal department, the city is using taxpayers' funds to retain a private law firm to determine if the municipality must disclose ticket information being sought by The Star under freedom-of-information legislation;

Investigating the possibility of establishing an arm's-length municipal corporation to operate Sudbury Community Arena, to "protect business interests" and make it easier for the city to ward off public requests for information. If such an arrangement can be made, "all matters would be private" and the public would no longer be privy to ticket information, Mieto tells council;

Now why does that sound familiar?