Saturday, January 26, 2008

It ain't just the comics anymore

I used to read the Windsor Star for the local, regional and national news. These days it seems like I'm only reading the funny pages and I don't mean the comics.
MPP expresses hope Ottawa to aid Ford

"We are hopeful the feds won't let us down," said Pupatello, Ontario's economic development minister, who has been instrumental in talks to secure a deal.

"If they put politics ahead of basic industrial development, I'll be disappointed."

Surely you can do better than that Sandra. Come on, it's the end of the year. Where are the NEW applications for the end of year "Special Liberal Friends" club. I realize the City of Windsor isn't a cricket club, but surely we rate something for sending you back to Toronto. Oh, that's right, I'm sorry, nothing political happens in Toronto. Silly me.
Bylaw called threat to youth
But Ward 1 Coun. Ron Jones took issue with Stamper's comments. "This has nothing to do with the Ambassador Bridge company. This has to do with the enhancement of Sandwich Towne. To restore the history, the culture of Sandwich Towne," Jones said.
Mr Maroun might even sell you a piece of the bridge for that knee-slapping bit of comedy.
The old college try
I'm not sure why the Mayor wants a pricey Communications Department when he already has a part-time one courtesy of CanWest - no charge.

And people wonder why the City has problems accomplishing anything with County Council, the Provincial government or the Federal government? Vitriol doesn't begin to describe the abuse heaped upon anyone daring to step out of line with the City's view. The my way or the highway crowd are finding out that many are choosing the highway, to the detriment of Windsor.

Is the Western Super-Anchor Western Urban Village Downtown Arena University Campus every going to be developed?

Maybe we should ask Tecumseh to draw up plans and sign a contract to build an urban village.

Worked last time.

PS. H/T to Council for deferring this issue until February. The last minute notice for this meeting was appalling. For a Council that continually talks about openness and accountability, their actions to date don't speak very loudly. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come. If we can spend $82,000 dollars promoting a Master Plan review, surely we can spare a few scraps for the West End.