Thursday, November 08, 2007

Who knew?

Congratulations to Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara and the rest of County Council for asking the questions that our own Council was afraid to ask.

While the proposal being advanced was certainly enticing, the variables were hard to swallow. Councils were told in exchange for $50,000 each from the City and County, a private partner would spend $200,000. Who is the private partner and what is the business plan and or budget to spend this $300,000?

Kudos to the private partner willing to advance this money, but taxpayers should not be asked or in the business of advancing funds on such a basis. If the identity of the private partner is to be secret until a certain date, then Council's response should have been, come back and see us once you have the details.

Approving these kind of funds in the absence of details leads me to believe that some or all of our Council were already knowledgeable of the details or just didn't care what the details were.

Either case is equally troubling.