Monday, November 26, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday November 26th

1. Item 4 Community Event Partnership Program Policy & Application (CEPP), Notice of Motion M176-2007 - a long overdue policy.

Item 3 Site Plan Approval for SPC 008/07 and Exemption from the Interim Control By-law 19-2007 - Maryvale Residential Treatment Building - now we get to see the hypocrisy in action of all the "no exception whatsoever" members of Council.

3. Add up all the money we spend on consultants, including the ones used for this latest report, and there would be money to spare for many other initiatives. Three years to make a decision is about right for "City time".

4. Par for the course these days, and not looking like anything is going to change anytime soon.

5. Golf courses, marinas, airports - why not a tunnel? Anyone got a business for sale - send in a proposal to the City of Windsor. We don't have enough on our plate trying to run core municipal services. If the Mayor and Council are so keen to run all these businesses, why don't they do us all a favour and resign to open their own. That way they get to play with their own money instead of the taxpayers.

6. Nice to see the uploaded 211 service is now up and running. Whatever happened to the Operating Agreement that was supposed to come back to Council for approval?

7. Speaking of reports to Council, has an Audit Committee meeting been held recently to consider the Auditor-General's position? What do you think the chances are this position will make it into 2008 budget deliberations? (see Item 4 for yet another reason a Windsor Auditor General is so sorely needed).

8. International Metropolis with some great shots of the Walkerville Theatre.

9. WE Speak now has some company. London Speak launches this week.

10. If we're still on schedule, this should be Budget Week in Windsor, with the public unveiling of our lastest masterpiece.

Update: Moneysense Best Places to Live in Canada - Windsor makes the list at #18, Leamington at #14.