Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New look National Post

Hopefully this is the new look that Canwest will be rolling out at all their newspapers, it's a winner. After spending several hours, over a couple of days, touring the site, the only weak point I can find is in the Multimedia category. (basically just a Photogallery and some special videos. No avenue that I could find for user submitted content, share/embed videos/recommend photos and videos. Multimedia looks like an afterthought tossed in)

The site autodiscovers RSS in the address bar. RSS is prevalent throughout every page and section of the site. There are numerous ways to access each section, new category, special topic etc. Social Bookmarking is available for over 37 different services. (eg. Facebook, Digg, Furl...)

The Post has gone mobile in a big way with applications for Blackberry and Windows based devices together with SMS alerts and a mobile browser friendly site.

The Post blogs get their own mini-aggregator on the top right hand side of the page. This is something that I had mentioned would be useful for the Star bloggers to increase the ease of access and readership. (instead of having to click through two or three levels to see if new content has been published, the latest blogs are available on the front page)

Oh yeah - everything is available now - free! No subscription walls, no special subscriber areas.

Bring it on!